How to Add a Custom Domain Name



When adding a custom domain to a single page or funnel, these are the 3 steps you need to do:

Step 1: Add the Custom Domain Through the Account Settings

1. Click Account Settings

2. Select the Domains Tab

3. Click Add Domains [+]

4. Add the custom domain name

5. Select if the domain is brand new or not

6. Follow the steps to set-up a subdomain via CNAME from within your domain host account

7. Click Next, it will inform you that the domain will be ready in a few hours if the set up was done correctly. 

8. Check the status of the domain by going back to the Domain Tab in the Account Settings. The domain set up should propagate within 24 to 48 hours. If the status is "ready" proceed to step 2. If the status is still "not ready" after 48 hours, check your set up in your domain host account or contact 10 Minute Funnels support to assist you.


Step 2: Assign the Custom Domain to the Single Page or Funnel

For Single Page:

1. Publish the Page

2. Click Use a Domain Name for This Page

3. Select the custom domain

4. Click Publish This Page With This Domain


For Funnel:

1. Open the Funnel

2. Click Funnel Settings

3. Select Set a Custom Domain Name

4. Select the custom domain name from the dropdown

5. Click Done

6. Publish the Funnel


Step 3: Set a Homepage

Setting a page as a homepage allows that page to have the main page URL (e.g.

1. Open the page for editing

2. Click the title of the page

3. Tick Set as Homepage

4. Remove the text on the field

5. Publish the Page



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