How to Add a Custom Domain Name




To add a custom domain you can set it up through your Account Settings (like on video) or through the Funnel Settings. When it's added through the Account Settings, you still need to go through Funnel Settings later on to assign that domain name to the funnel. Adding it through the Funnel Builder automatically assigns the custom domain name to the funnel. See steps to add a custom domain name through the Funnel Settings:


1. On your Funnel Builder, go to Funnel Settings and select Set a Custom Domain Name

2. Select Add a New Domain Name

3. Follow the steps to set-up a subdomain via CNAME from within your domain host account

4. Click on Next, it will inform you that the domain will be ready in a few hours if the set up was done correctly

5. Once ready, publish the funnel


* To check the status of the domain name, go to Account Settings and select the Domains Tab 


Set the Homepage

Setting one of the pages in the funnel as homepage allows the page to have the main page URL (e.g.

1. Click on the page to edit

2. Click on the title of the page

3. Tick on Set as Homepage

4. Remove the text on the field

5. Publish the Page 


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