How to Add an Autoresponder


An email autoresponder is a 3rd party tool that automatically emails your contacts. Assuming you have an account with a 3rd party provider, you can make TMF send over new leads collected on any of your web pages (e.g. a squeeze page, webinar page, or an order form). 

Step 1 -  Sign up for an Autoresponder Account, then create a "campaign list." Copy the API credentials from the Autoresponder account.

 These are the autoresponders that 10MF can integrate through API. Click to locate the API

Step 2 - Integrate the Autoresponder with 10 Minute Funnels

1. Go to Account Settings

2. Select 3rd Party Integrations

3. Under Email Integrations, turn on your Autoresponder

4. Paste in the API credentials copied from the Autoresponder


Step 3 - Check the Funnel Set up 

On Lead Page

1. Email Form Field - On advanced, the Name of Field should be "email"

2. CTA Button - On Settings, Button Link should be set to "submit a form"


On Email Sequence Node

1. Your Autoresponder must be selected

2. The list created in the Autoresponder must be selected

3. The next page viewers will see is "Next Page in Funnel"


On Funnel

1. Lead Page is connected to a Thank You Page and an Email Sequence Node

2. Publish the Funnel


Testing the funnel and Autoresponder

  • To capture the emails automatically on your autoresponder, make sure that it is set as a "single opt-in" otherwise the visitor will need to click on a confirmation link from an email sent by your autoresponder (double opt-in). *MailChimp set up is always double opt-in. There is no single opt-in option.
  • When troubleshooting, make sure not to use an email that already exists in the autoresponder account
  • Make sure that you have the correct API credentials on the Account Settings 3rd Party Integrations
You can also save the autoresponder settings from the [Page Settings] inside the page editor instead of using an Email Sequence Node.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you set your autoresponder either on the Email Sequence Node or from the Page Settings. If you set them up on both, the autoresponder will not work.
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