How does the Edit Checklist work?


The Edit Checklist contains a list of all the items in your page.  As you hover over the list of items, the corresponding item on the page will also highlight making it easy for you to identify the object you want to customize.  Then, when you’ve successfully updated an object, the corresponding item in the edit checklist permanently lights up, indicating that you’ve completed this step. 



The best way for you to edit an entire page is to simply walk down the list and perform edits until each item lights up.

  1. To open the checklist, click the “Edit” button on the left side tab of the page. Each item has it’s own settings that you can manipulate.  To do that, simply click a page item on the checklist.
  2. When you do, it immediately gives you the opportunity to edit the item on the page, and the settings of that item loads on the sidebar giving you full control to customize it in almost any way you want.



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