How To Add A Subdomain On GoDaddy


If your domain (e.g. has already existing pages, you can change the prefix (www) with something else and connect that with your 10MF Account. Example, you can use or


On GoDaddy
1. Log into your Account, and click Manage under Domains
2. Click the gear icon, then choose Manage DNS


3. Scroll down and click on ADD


4. On Type choose CNAME from drop down
5. On Host type in the subdomain prefix you want to appear before your domain (instead of "www").
6. On Points to type
7. On TTL change to 1/2 hour.
8. Don't forget to save your changes.


On 10 Minute Funnels
1. Go to Account Settings found at the upper right corner of your screen


2. Select on Domains
3. Click on Add Domain


4. Type in your domain name (e.g., then click Next
5. To add your subdomain click on NO! There's Content There That I'd Like To Keep

6. Type in your subdomain (the same prefix you typed in GoDaddy)
7.Click on Next


8. Click on Done
10. Go back to Account Settings to check if subdomain is ready


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