Can You Do Recurring Payments With Stripe?


Unfortunately Stripe's recurring billing is not yet integrated with 10 Minute Funnels. Our set up is only for a one time straight sale payment.


Here's what we can suggest:

1. Redirect your customers to your Stripe's Check Out Page.

This means you will not be using the order page / check out page in 10 Minute Funnels. You will not be using the API integration with Stripe instead you will be using a Stripe Check Out Form directly and just paste in the URL of that Stripe Check out Form to your funnel either through the CTA Button Settings or through a URL Redirect node.

2. Add an embed code for your Stripe Order form in to a 10 Minute Funnels page.

You can generate one from Stripe, based on this link You can easily paste in an embed code to any 10MF Page.


We suggest contacting Stripe to ask them if the recurring billing applies to both options just to be sure, you may also refer to these Stripe links:

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