Split Testing


Split testing is a very useful tool for you to check which of your pages perform better. With the A/B split test turned on, your customers will be sent randomly to the pages that you are testing. You will be able to observe the results and select the page that’s working best for you. It will give you an idea on what you need to change or add to your page to make it more interesting for your visitors and more efficient for your business.

 For more videos about Split Testing, check this out: Split Testing Video 2


How to find and use this:

1. Go to you Account Setting, select For Mad Scientists Only and turn on Split Testing and Built-in Tracking        


2. Refresh your browser, then click on Actions & Scripts

3. Drag the Split Test component

4. Connect the Split Test component to the pages that you want to test

5. To check the results, click on stats on your Funnel Builder and hover your mouse over to the lines that connect the nodes to see your conversions  


Tip: You may get more significant results if you test only 2 pages with minor differences. The more pages and variations you have, the harder it is to measure the success of the page


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