Another Funnel


This component allows you to connect a page from the current funnel you’re working to another page from [Another Funnel].  In a nutshell, the [Another Funnel] component extends your funnel to another existing funnel.


How to use and find the Another Funnel Component:

  1. On your Funnel Builder, click on Actions & Scripts
  2. Drag the Another Funnel Component
  3. Choose the name of the other existing funnel that you want to connect
  4. Choose the page in that other existing funnel where you want your visitors to see first
  5. Click on Update My Funnel
  6. Publish your Funnel
  7. Make sure the other Funnel is also published

Note: When copying or sharing a funnel that includes an Another Funnel component, make sure you click on the Update My Funnel button on the sidebar settings before you Publish for it to work. 

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