Editing a Page Template




To start editing the page, open the page by double clicking on the page thumbnail on your funnel or single click the page thumbnail then click Edit This Page button from the side bar


How to Add an Object to the Page 

  1. On the sidebar, choose Add New
  2. A list of page components will load (images, text, icons, buttons, etc.). Click and choose a component.
  3. When you click the category, a list of object versions will slide down.  Simply drag the version you want to any desired location on your page.


Move an Object in the Page

  1. Select the object in the page - hover to the object in the page, an outline will appear with the object name. Click the object when the outline appears.
  2. Drag the object - you will notice that the pointer has changed to a drag pointer, start dragging the object to the desired area. If the pointer changed to a cursor (happens with Text and Headline objects) just hover to the object title bar and start dragging from the title bar
  3. Drop the object - choose the area where you want to place the object, you will know where it will be placed depending on where the cursor is before you release the mouse



How to Edit an Object on the Page

To edit an object, you need to select the object to load object settings at the side bar, there are 2 options to do this. 


Load the sidebar through the Edit List

The Edit list contains a list of all the items in your page.  As you hover over the list of items, the corresponding item on the page will also highlight making it easy for you to identify the object you want to customize.  Then, when you’ve successfully updated an object, the corresponding item in the edit checklist permanently lights up, indicating that you’ve completed this step. 

The best way for you to edit an entire page is to simply walk down the list and perform edits until each item lights up.

  1. Click on Edit from the side bar - you will see a list of all the items in your page
  2. Hover over the list of items - the corresponding item on the page will be also be highlighted making it easy for you to identify the object you want to customize
  3. Click on the item from the edit list - this will load the object settings on the side bar has all the editing options (width, height, alignment, background color etc.)         


Load the sidebar directly inside the page



  1. Select the object you want to edit on the page itself
  2. The object settings will load on the side bar
  3. Choose the action you want to do with the object (move an image object up/down, make it bigger/smaller, set alignment, borders, shadows, perform actions etc.)


Editing a Text or Headline Object

  1. Click the text you want to edit on the page and just start typing
  2. To format the alignment, access the sidebar settings
  3. To format the font style, type, size, color, highlight and hyperlink options, just highlight the text and access the white toolbar above the text


Bring Your Own Assets (pictures, videos, files)

  1. Click the Uploads tab on the sidebar -  your 10MF media library will appear
  2. Click on the Choose button to upload an image, video or file
  3. Choose the file from your computer by dragging it to the pop-up window or clicking on the + Upload from Computer button and selecting the file from your computer
  4. To add the uploaded image, video or file to the page, simply drag it directly from the uploads library to your page



Deleting an Object in a Page

There are 3 options on how to delete an object from a page

  1. Drag - select the object and drag it over to the left side where the X appears
  2. Sidebar - select the object and click on delete from the sidebar
  3. Outline - select the object and click on the delete icon from the outline


Change the Page Title

There are 2 options to change and customize your page title

  1. From the Page Editor – click on the Page Title on top of your screen and type the new title
  2. From the Funnel Builder – click on the page title below the page component and type the new title


Change the Page URL Slug



The URL slug is the text that appears at the end of your domain name (Example: www.mydomain.com/urlslug). You can change and customize the URL slug in 2 ways:

  1. From the Page Editor – click on the Page Title, and on the space provided type in what you want to appear after your domain name
  2. From the Funnel Builder – click on the page component and at the bottom of the canvas, click on the Edit URL button to change slug


Page Settings


  • Email CRM Settings – This is an alternative to set up your autoresponder instead of using the Email Sequence Component. Note that you can only set up your autoresponder through either one and not both the Page Settings or the Email Sequence Component, otherwise the autoresponder will not work. The system by default will always prioritize the setting on the email Sequence Component.
  • Merchant Settings for Order Pages - Use this to set the price of the product on the order page
  • SEO Settings – Add your meta keywords and description.
  • Time Machine – Use this retrieve your previous versions on the page.
  • Custom CSS – You can modify the design and appearance of HTML elements in a page by adding a custom CSS code.
  • Enter Tracking Code – Use this to place tracking pixel codes that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns.


Preview, Save, and Publish


TIP: To ensure that all the contents in your page is mobile responsive, and especially when building pages from scratch using the blank template, make sure that the page element or object is inside a Container Widget, click here to learn more.


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