How To Add A Text Field In the Opt-In Page Integrated With Active Campaign


The usual fields available in your opt-in page would be the email and name field, but you can always add an additional field for other information like phone number, company name or address etc. When adding an additional form field to your opt-in page, an additional field must also be created in Active Campaign and sync the Name of Field so that Active Campaign will be able to collect the information placed in the additional form field.



On Active Campaign

1. Click on Forms > New Form

2. Set a name for the form

3. On form style > Inline Form

4. On Action, select Subscribe to List

5. On Options, select the name of your list

6. Click on Create

7. Click on Add Custom Field (Text Input)

8. The added custom field should appear on the My Fields tab. If it’s not there, refresh the page then drag the field to the form

9. Click on Integrate

10. Click on Save & Exit



On 10 Minute Funnels

1. On the page, click on the custom field to load the sidebar

2. Change the Name of Field to field[1]

3. Save and Publish the page

*Each field has its unique Name of Field. Active Campaign assigns the Name of Field in a chronological order as to when it was added to the My Fields tab. So if you add a Text Input field, the Name of Field is field[1] and if you add another Text Input field, the next Name of Field is field[2]

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