Connect an Autoresponder / Email Service to Page to Capture Emails


Steps to Capture Emails in your Funnel with an Autoresponder / Email Service

An email autoresponder is a 3rd party tool that automatically emails your contacts. Assuming you have an account with a 3rd party provider, you can make TMF send over new leads collected on any of your web pages (e.g. a squeeze page, webinar page, or an order form). 


Step 1: Sign-up for an Autoresponder account. Create a “campaign list” and copy the API credentials from your autoresponder account

These are the autoresponders that you can integrate in TMF through API (click below to locate API)

*If your autoresponder is not part of this list, you can still integrate it with TMF just by adding a code to your page using the Custom (paste in code) option


Step 2: Check your autoresponder set-up

To capture the emails automatically on your autoresponder, make sure that it is set as a “single opt-in” otherwise the visitor will need to click on a confirmation link from an email sent by your autoresponder (double opt-in)

*There is no single opt-in option for MailChimp, when visitors sign up they will receive an email from MailChimp to confirm their subscription. Once they confirm, you will receive the information in your MailChimp account


Step 3: Check your funnel set-up

API Integration

  • Paste the API credentials in Account Settings > 3rd Party Integrations


Email CRM Settings or Email Sequence Node

The autoresponder set up can be done either through the Page Settings > Email CRM Settings or through the Email Sequence node. Make sure you set only one of the options. If you set them up on both, the autoresponder will not work.

  • Select the autoresponder
  • Select the list you created for this funnel
  • Select the page where your prospects will be redirected after they submit the information. You can select the next page in the funnel, choose from the pages you've created in TMF or paste in the URL of an external page


Page Components

  • CTA Button - button link settings should be set to “submit a form”

  • Email Input field - Name of Field in the side bar should say “email

  • Name Input field - Name of Field in the side bar should say “name” ("FNAME" for MailChimp)

*If you add an additional field for other information like phone number, company name or address etc, the same type of field must also be created in autoresponder and sync the Name of Field so that the autoresponder will be able to collect the information placed in the additional form field. Click below for the steps on how to add a text field in the lead page integrated with your autoresponder:


Funnel Set Up

  • Lead Page is connected to the Thank You Page (if "next page in the funnel" is chosen on Step 3 on setting up the autoresponder)
  • Lead Page is connected to an Email Sequence node (if autoresponder set up is done through the Email Sequence node)
  • Funnel is published

*When testing, make sure not to use an email that already exists in the autoresponder account


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