Installing the WordPress Plugin


This plugin lets you create pages using 10 Minute Funnels and publish the pages in your WordPress account. Publishing regular pages in Wordpress is limited to the theme's design, the plugin enables you to create custom pages using our editor and publish the page on your Wordpress account. 

In this plugin, all of the editing and creating a new page can be done inside TMF only, not in WordPress page editor. The only function of the plugin is that you have the ability to grab the pages you have created in stand alone and publish it in WordPress. If you need to modify something on the page, you need to go back to the standalone version in TMF and make your changes then you need to grab again the page on your WordPress page editor.

The MAIN DOWNSIDE to the WP plugin is that you can only bring in individual pages, and not entire funnels. Because of that, you lose a lot of the functionality and benefits that you get with the funnel builder. So, if you want an entire funnel with the WP plugin, you'd have to bring in each page one by one, and manually connect the links in each page, whereas the funnel builder (published to a cname, for example), lets you just build pages with the editor, connect everything with arrows in the funnel builder, and add cool functionality to pages and funnels from the funnel builder.


1. Publish your page in 10 Minute Funnels

2. Click on Get WordPress Plugin from the pop-up window to download the plugin

3. Log in to your WordPress account

4. Click on the Plugins tab and select Add New

5. Click the Upload Plugin button, then click Choose File and select the downloaded file, then click Install Now

6. Click Activate Plugin

7. Click the 10Minute Funnel Builder and enter your username and password in 10 Minute Funnels

8. Click Pages, then click Add New

9. On the 10 Minute Funnels menu on the right side panel, select the page that you published in 10 Minute Funnels

10. Click Publish

11. Click on Preview Changes to see the live page. You will see the same page you created in 10 Minute Funnels that has been published in WordPress




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