Connect a Merchant Provider / 3rd Party Shopping Cart to Collect Payments from a Purchase


There are 2 Ways to Collect Payments Made for a Purchase

  • Option 1 – Use 10MF Order Form Template using Stripe,, EasyPayDirect or InfusionSoft
  • Option 2 – Use a 3rd Party Shopping like Paypal, Amazon, Shopify, etc.



1. Sign-up for a Merchant Provider / Payment Gateway Account. Copy the API credentials from your merchant provider account.

Where do I find the API Keys?

2. Go to 10MF Account Settings 

3. Select the 3rd Party Integrations tab

4. Switch [ON] the Merchant Provider

5. Enter your the API Details, click [save]

6. Go to the funnel you’re working on and drag an [Order Page] node to the canvas and select a template.

7. Click the [Order Page] node to load the sidebar settings, click the [Merchant Settings] button

8. Choose the Merchant Provider from the dropdown options

9. Enter the [price] of the product / service you are selling

10. Choose a page to send your visitors after making the purchase.

11. Click the purple [save] button

12. Click on the CTA button to load the side bar, make sure that the button link is set to [none]
13. Connect the Order Page to the Thank You page node (if not using a custom URL)
14. Publish the funnel
*When using InfusionSoft as your Payment Gateway, make sure that your Order Form contains the required fields. You can refer to the Order Form called "Vocationard" (this form already contains all the required fields). You may need to edit the Order Form page template for the "price"
*Make sure to troubleshoot the funnel before doing any promotion
1. Click on Pages and drag your shopping cart node, (eg. PayPal). If your shopping cart is not part of the list, you can choose the [another shopping cart] node.
2. Connect the Sales Page to the Shopping Cart node, and the Shopping Card node to the Thank You Page
3. Go to your Shopping Cart account (eg. PayPal) to generate a shopping cart URL. Copy the URL to your clipboard and go back to 10MF.

4. Paste in your Shopping Cart URL into the [Shopping Cart] node sidebar settings.

5. Publish The Funnel

*Make sure to troubleshoot the funnel before doing any promotion




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    Is it possible to make use of the funnel without the making use of website to sell ebooks?

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