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List segments allow us to automatically subscribe an existing lead to another email list without forcing them to re-opt-in. Because leads often represent prospects at different stages of the buying cycle, it’s often a good idea to organize your leads into behavior-based segments. This way, your email communications can be more personal and more targeted.

For example, if you send an email to your database requesting that they click a link to purchase something, any prospect that clicks has indicated a strong intention to buy. As such, it’s a good idea to place this lead in a separate behavior segment (email list), so that you can communicate to them differently.

On your Autoresponder

Make sure identify your email lists, example:

  • List AA – who you send the email broadcast with the List Segmentation URL
  • List BB – is where you want the lead email to be saved if they click on the List Segmentation URL

On your 10 Minute Funnels Account

  1. Drag a List Segment node
  2. Click on Get my segmentation link this will generate a URL (eg.
  3. Connect the List Segment node to a Destination Page
  4. Connect the List Segment node to an Email Sequence node
  5. Set up and select your Autoresponder in the Email Sequence node
  6. Choose the list the you created in your Autoresponder where you want the filtered lead email to be saved (example: List BB)
  7. On page viewers see next, select Next Page in Funnel
  8. Publish the Funnel

Using the List Segment URL for Email Campaigns from your Autoresponder

  1. Copy and append the List Segment URL that was generated from your 10MF Funnel (let’s use the example above –, then add this at the end of the URL: ?name={!firstname_fix}&email={!email} ← this will be the link you include in your email campaign. (form field format vary depending on the autoresponder)
  2. Place the appended URL where you want your lead to click on (eg. an email campaign or another page preceding an opt-in page. The appended URL will look something like this  →{!firstname_fix}&email={!email} 
  3. If you are placing the appended URL on a page that precedes an Optin Page that does not have a name field, just use this formula to append the list segment URL: > ?name=NA&email={!email} 
  4. If you are sending an Email Campaign, once the message is received and recipient clicks on the link, the recipient will be redirected to the destination page (next page in funnel) and the recipient’s email address will be automatically saved on the list you selected on your 10MF Funnel Email Sequence Node.

 *This feature is temporarily deactivated for updates

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