How To Point A NameCheap Domain To 10 Minute Funnels


1. Log in to your NameCheap account

2. Click on the Domain List tab, and click the Manage button

3. Click the Advanced DNS tab

4. Look for the CNAME record with a “www” entry, if there's none click on the Add New Record button

5. On Type, choose CNAME Record

6. On Host, type in www

7. On Value, type in

8. On TTL, choose 5 minutes 

9. Click on the checkmark to save the changes

10. On URL Redirect Record, ensure to choose unmasked

That’s It! This may take up a few moments to reflect your changes. Go back to your 10MF Account Settings Domain Tab to see if the domain you added is READY

*To add a subdomains, just follow all the steps except on Step 8, instead www, type in your subdomain

Click here for steps on how to add a a domain in 10 Minute Funnels


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