Page Scripts


Page scripts allow you to add custom javascript code to your pages. By connecting a page to a page script component, the code you enter in the page script’s setting will appear on the page that connects to it



3rd party tracking tools (such as Google Analytics) can help you track what’s going on in your website. They do this by providing a piece of code that can be placed on any page you want to track. To do this in 10 Minute Funnels, simply connect any page to the 3rd party Tracking Script component.



Retargeting allows you to target ads to people who’ve visited various pages in your website. Retargeting providers (e.g. Facebook, Google) will provide you with a simple Javascript code to place on your website. To do this in 10 Minute Funnels, simply connect any page to the Retargeting Script component. Watch video here for more information.



Custom Script are for advanced users & programmers. It allows you to add any javascript code to any page. To include a javascript code on one of the pages in your funnel, simply connect a page in your funnel to a “Custom Script” component, and add your custom script to the settings for that component.



The One-Click-Upsell (Infusionsoft) component allows you to perform one-click upsells with Infusionsoft. Typically, after a purchase has been made, to make another purchase, the user is directed to another order
form to re-enter their credit card details again. This tedious task of re-entering information often leads the customer to abandon the sale. With the One-Click Upsell technology with Infusionsoft, the 2nd order form is unnecessary, the customer simply clicks a buy button on the Upsell Page to automatically make a purchase.

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