Basic Widgets


Widgets are available for you to customize the look of your page, though we have an array of templates that you can use, this is mainly to guide you on how your page should look. Having the option of adding other features to your pages such as pictures, videos, forms and even social media comment area makes your page look more inviting to customers. every page that you create is based on widgets



The CONTAINER is one of the most important objects you will have to place in your page. A container is like a box that ties all of your page objects together. Containers allow you to construct and decide where things would go, it’s almost like a grid that aligns and divides your page in proportions. You can place as many objects as you want in a container to better organize your page. You can even place a container within a container. It allows you to control the division of the page however you’d like. Click here to watch how it works! 


HEADLINE is used to give emphasis on what you are selling or promoting in your page. We have a variety of Headline templates you can use and you can edit it the way you want it to look in your page.



TEXT is one of the most basic features of 10 Minute Funnels. You will need this widget to place all the written content on your page. There’s a selection of font styles, sizes, colors and alignment which can be adjusted depending on your preference.


You can click on upload to add an image file which goes into an online library. By using the PICTURE WIDGET, you can select the frame style of the image that you just uploaded. Once you have the image on your page, you can resize and move it around the container in the page through the picture setting side bar. Click here to see how to upload a file.


Adding VIDEO to your funnel is a great way to attract more visitors to your page. Just like adding an image, when you click on upload, you can add a video from your computer to your online library. If you don’t have the video on your computer that’s no problem, you can drag the video widget to your page and just select the source of video. You can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, URL’s to MP4 files or embed a code.


BUTTONS are essential to your page, it’s what connects your page to other pages. We have a selection of buttons you can choose from, you can simply drag it to your page and set an action when clicked. The button can lead to the next page in your funnel, a pop-up window, or go to an order form.


Using the LIST widget keeps your text content more organized. Your list can be numbered or bulleted. When you select this widget, you are presented with different styles that may suit your page.


DIVIDERS widget is another way to organize your page by placing a horizontal line to separate objects in a cluster. Instead of uploading an image of a line, this widget makes it one step easier.


The PROGRESS widget is yet another interesting and useful object that you can add in your page and there is no need to add any plugins or codes. All you have to do is to click on the progress icon and you will see that there are a selection of templates.


The NAVIGATIONAL BAR usually contains links to your About Us, Contact Us, Pricing, Terms & Conditions, etc. You can also add your company logo to the bar to customize it.


The COUNTDOWNS widget is a feature made available by turning on this option through your For Mad Scientists Only Option on your Account Setting. Just drag this widget to your page and you will have the ability to set up the time and when the clock should start for the countdown.


Add a CUSTOM FORM to place the name, email address, contact number etc. You can set up your autoresponder to receive the information entered in these forms. There are texts forms, checkboxes, dropdown options and radio buttons available depending on your requirement.


If you want to add an html code from another page, you can drag the HTML widget to the page and just paste in your code.


The SOCIAL widget allows your social media avenues to integrate with your pages. Your page visitors can leave comments to be seen on Facebook and Twitter, like your posts and even share your posts.


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