Traffic Sources


Traffic Source Tracking Components are used to generate a unique URL that you will use to track where the traffic or where your visitors are coming from. For example, if you are running a Facebook Ad, 10 Minute Funnels will provide you with a unique URL that you can paste to your Facebook Ad.

When a prospect visits that unique URL, will immediately redirect them to the page that it is connected to in your funnel, as well as track the number of visitors, leads, and sales as a result of entering your funnel via these traffic source.

To set it up, simply…

  1. Drag a Traffic Source component to your funnel and connect it to the page in your sequence where you want your visitors to be redirected to (Example Facebook Traffic Source Component)
  2. Select the Traffic Source component and click the Get Tracking URL button to generate a unique link to use in promotions with that traffic source
  3. Publish the funnel
  4. Copy the tracking URL and paste it to your traffic source (Example: Paste the URL to your Facebook page)
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