The Page Editor


10 Minute Funnels has 3 main sections:

  • The Dashboard
  • The Funnel Builder
  • The Page Editor

The Page Editor

This is the screen that you will see when you open a page. Here you can start editing the page by using the tools from the sidebar.

  1. Page Canvass - this is the layout of your page, you can edit, add and delete other components in this area
  2. Back To Funnel Builder - click to exit the Page Builder
  3. Add New - click this to load the other components that can be added to the page. Select one of the page component widgets, and drag on of the options to the page
  4. Edit - see a list of all the items in your page, click on the item from the list to edit the item
  5. Uploads - use to upload files to your 10MF media library 
  6. Page Settings
    • Email CRM Settings – Select the autoresponder and list to be used for the landing page and set the redirect page after visitors submit the form. This has the same function as the Email Sequence Component. Note that you can only set up your autoresponder through either one and not both the Page Settings or the Email Sequence Component, otherwise the autoresponder will not work. The system by default will always prioritize the setting on the Email Sequence Component.
    • Merchant Settings for Order Pages - Select the merchant and the price of the product or service you are offering in the page
    • SEO Setting – Add your meta keywords and description
    • The Time Machine – Use this retrieve your previous versions on the page
    • Custom CSS – Modify the design and appearance of HTML elements in a page by adding a custom CSS code
    • Enter Tracking Code – Place tracking pixel codes that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns
  7. Get Help - access the knowledge base and contact customer service
  8. Undo - click to undo the last action done to the page
  9. Title - click to change the title of the page
  10. Preview - click to preview how the page would look like when published
  11. Save - click to save the page without publishing the page
  12. Save & Close and Publish option
    • Save & Close - when clicked the page will be saved without publishing and will exit the page and go back to the Funnel Builder
    • Publish - this will save and publish the page
  13. Video Tutorials – this is the 10 Minute Funnels University, a large library of video tutorials walking you through every aspect of 10 Minute Funnels
  14. Account Settings - you can change your password, change your subdomain, add a custom domain name, integrate autoresponders and merchant providers through API and turn on features that are still on beta. Click here to learn more
  15. Live Chat – click here to reach out to the 10MF Support Team for any questions you may have, Live Chat Support is available from 9am to 5pm EST during Weekdays
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