How Do I Add Shipping to My Order Page?


You can add the option for shipping by adding a Check Bump to your order page. 


1. Drag an Order Form to the funnel and select a template

2. Open the Order Form for editing

3. On the sidebar, click on Add New

4. Select Form

5. Drag a checkbox form to the page

6. Add or delete check boxes by clicking More / Less

7. Under Check Bump, tick Enable Check Bump

8. Under Option Values, input the field values (e.g. Checkbox 1 - $20, Checkbox 2 - $30, Checkbox 3 - $40)

9. Click on Save

10. Make sure that your Order Page is connected to a Thank You Page

If your Merchant Provider is set up correctly, once the customer ticks on the check bump offer, it will add up to the total and automatically charge

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