10 Minute Funnels University Videos


The 10MF University is a collection of training videos that can be accessed by clicking on the graduation cap at the upper right corner of your 10 Minute Funnels account.

Right now, some video links may not be playing as we are currently working on updating our video tutorials, so you may also access the direct links below to watch the videos. 

Introducing the Funnel Builder 
Funnel Actions - Split Testing 
Funnel Actions - 3rd Party Page Redirect 
Tracking Your Funnels 
Building Pages in 10 Minute Funnels 
Collecting Emails - How to Connect to an Email Marketing Provider 
Getting Paid - How to Connect to Your Merchant Provider / Payment Gateway 
Launching Live - How to Connect to your own Domain Name 
Creating Your First Funnel 
Funnel Pages 
Traffic Sources 
Lead Funnel 
Sales Funnel 
Upsell Funnel 
Webinar Registration Page 
Sales Page 
Order Form Page 
Special Offer (Upsell) Page 
Live Event Pages 
Launch Pages 
Page Ad-Ons 
Optin Popup 
Page Scripts 
3rd Party Tracking Script 
Shopping Carts 
Traffic Sources 
URL Redirect 
Email Sequence 
Another Funnel 
The Basics (Checklist, Editing, Drag & Drop) 
Basic Widgets (Text, Headline, Pictures, Videos) 
Bring Your Own Assets (Pictures, Videos, Files) 
The Search Bar 
Reference Videos 
Example Funnel Build #1 - Basic Lead Generation Funnel 
Example Funnel Build #2 - Internal Product Launch Funnel:Jason Shapper's 6 Figure Launch 
Example Funnel Build #3 -Webinar Funnel 
First Things First (Download The Cheat Sheet) - Click here to Download
10 Minute Funnels Walkthrough 
What is a Funnel? 
How To Choose a Funnel? 
What is The Funnel Builder 
How To Build a Funnel From Scratch #1 
How To Build a Funnel From Scratch #2 
How to Publish a Page 
How to create a basic "Lead Funnel" with a downloadable PDF on your thank you page 
10MF Onboarding Call #1 
10MF Onboarding Call #2 
10MF Onboarding Call #3 
10MF Onboarding Call #4 
Funnel Bootcamp #1 - Todd Brown Funnel Marketing 101 
Funnel Bootcamp #2 - Ryan Levesque "Market Research” 
Funnel Bootcamp #3 - Jason Hornung "Facebook Advertising” 
Funnel Bootcamp #4 - Andre Chaperon "Email Marketing” 
Funnel Bootcamp #5 - Kevin Rogers “Copywriting" 
Micro-Funnels Webinar 
Four Part Traffic Formula 
Three Step Affiliate Success Workshop

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