How Do I Set an Anchor in a Page?


Right now anchoring is a feature not yet available in 10 Minute Funnels, but there is a workaround by using the html widget. You just need to add a code to your page.

On this example you can set a text to have a link and when clicked, it will redirect to a section of your page

1. Click on Add New

2. Select the html widget and drag the widget to the page (somewhere on top of your page)

3. Paste in this code to your html widget: <a href="#section 1">Click here to go to Section 1</a> 

4. Drag a new html widget to your page where you want your anchor to point to (area where your section 1 is located)

5. Paste in this code to your second html widget: <a name="section 1"></a>

6. Publish the Page



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