What is 10 Minute Funnels?


10 Minute Funnels is a website builder that lets you quickly build powerful marketing funnels. It features a drag and drop funnel builder that allows you to fully customize every aspect of your marketing funnel. It also includes a powerful web page builder that allows you to create stunning pages based on proven, high-converting, designer-built templates and provides you with powerful, easy to use editing tools that let you customize them exactly the way you want.


What is a Funnel?

A Marketing Funnel is simply a website. Back in the day we used to build “regular” websites, which is a somewhat corporate looking brochure like website that gives your company a good look and feel, but unfortunately when it comes to getting real results such as getting leads and sales, a regular website just doesn't cut it anymore.

The web has matured in such a way, that these regular websites can no longer do an effective job for generating sales for you. Although, they do a great job presenting yourself or your brand or business a professional image, when it comes to getting sales and leads, these regular websites just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Marketing Funnels are carefully constructed sequences of webpages. It’s designed to turn a prospect into a lead, and a lead into a paying customer. It’s a specific set of webpages designed for a specific purpose, strategically arranged in a specific sequence, to steer prospects in the direction of your goal (eg. to generate leads or build a mailing list; sell products & services; invite and host an event to promote your product or service)


Watch the video below to see Kyle in action as he builds a basic lead generation funnel from scratch.

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