Building a Page From Scratch


Believe it or not, all the templates that we have are made using the software, so you can also easily create pages from scratch. Watch the video below as Kyle shows a quick demonstration.


1. To start click on the [+] button, then select Create a Single Page


2. Select the Blank Page template. 


3. DRAG A CONTAINER WIDGET - Containers are used for "holding" page objects. You need to add these in before you can start adding object to a page to ensure that the page is mobile response. Click the [Add New] button and select the Containers Widget, then start dragging containers and columns to create a structure on the page. Read How Does a Container Widget Work


4. ADD PAGE OBJECTS - Click the [Add New] button, select and drag the widget you need for your page like videos, headline, logo etc. 


5. EDIT THE OBJECT - Click on the object from the page to load the side bar settings. 

For more information about editing a page, click here.  

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