Integrating InfusionSoft as Merchant


When using InfusionSoft as a merchant, there are 2 things required:

  • You can only use the Vocationard template for your order form
  • You need to create an order form in InfusionSoft with the same required fields in the Vocationard template


Follow these steps:

1. Drag an Order Form page to your funnel

2. Select the Vocationard template

3. Open the page and edit the amount

4. On your InfusionSoft account, create an order form with the same fields and amount in the Vocationard template

5. Copy the URL of the InfusionSoft order form

6. Go back to your 10MF order form, click on Page Settings

7. Select Merchant Settings

8. Select InfusionSoft as merchant

9. Paste in the URL of the InfusionSoft order form

10. Click Save & Apply

11. Publish the Funnel


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